All Fired Up is urging householders to regularly check, clean and change their smoke alarm batteries – smoke detectors really do save lives!

CHECK the batteries every month – make sure the battery and alarm still work
CLEAN the smoke alarm every six months with a vacuum cleaner
CHANGE the batteries every year – add it to your calendar and change the batteries when the clocks change
If you need any assistance with your smoke detectors – both residential or commercial – call All Fired Up On mobile: 0477186666 or email

Don’t be taken advantage of, it has come to our attention a possible company is cold calling businesses in & around the Gosford area, targeting reception staff of commercial and medical premises, allegedly using strong arm, hard sell tactics to convince unsuspecting office staff that their fire extinguishers are out of date and that they require new ones to be compliant. The company we have been told is using a name that infers they are from a “council” or an official body. In some instances we have been lead to believe they have charged up to $300 for what is on an average a $95 unit to replace.

If you are not sure your fire safety equipment including office extinguishers is compliant, requires servicing or updating please call Central Coast based Fire protection company “All Fired Up” on 0477186666 for a no obligation, free, instant over the phone fire safety assessment or contact your fire protection company. Don’t get ripped off or potentially swindled by out of town sharks!