A worrying trend has been occurring at Australia’s skate parks.
Encouraged by influencers on the internet, and the thousands of videos showing people performing tricks on e-scooters, e-bikes, or e-skateboards, young people are starting to try to emulate their heroes.

Viewers are treated to advice on how to perform the tricks, encouraging them to attempt them in their community skate parks. More and more young Australians are attempting these tricks with a very real risk that using these devices in such a fashion could cause damage to their batteries, significantly increasing the risk of fire. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery fires do not necessarily occur straight away. It may take some time for a battery to show signs of damage, or even catch fire.

Damage to Li-ion batteries can cause thermal runaway, which may start abruptly and violently and be undetected until it is too late. Such fires are exceedingly difficult to extinguish, and can spread to other materials or structures, putting family members at risk, a young person might attempt these tricks, harming the battery in the process, but may not know about the danger to themselves or their families.
Most manufacturers advise against doing tricks on e-vehicles, due to the potential damage that might occur, and the vast majority are not designed for such treatment.

By imitating these influencers, using equipment not designed for this activity significantly increases the likelihood that their battery could be damaged and catch fire, often when the device is on charge inside the house. Overcharging, or faults in charging equipment, can also damage these devices.
Users who ignore the warnings risk endangering themselves and those they love without knowing what may happen. With each jump, trick, ollie, or slide, those who use these devices inappropriately are increasingly at risk of a catastrophic fire that could destroy the device, their home, and even their neighbour’s’ premises.

The desire to demonstrate these trending skills should not impact upon the safety of others, and we strongly encourage people who own them to study the latest information about the risks and do whatever they can to prevent them from occurring.
Social media fame is simply not worth endangering your life.