Outdoor heaters and Cookers are for outdoor use ONLY!
After a recent run of serious injury and in some horrific cases death of people using out door heaters indoors we remind people to ensure outdoor heaters are kept out doors and are serviced regularly. Outdoor heaters are designed to work in an open space and hence are incredibly dangerous when bought into a confined area. Not only are they at risk of catching fire to surrounding areas, they also burn the oxygen at a rapid rate .If the room is sealed this can cause carbon dioxide affiliation and that can be fatal to people in the room. The scary danger is carbon dioxide is odourless and people simply fall asleep and due to the lack of oxygen they fall into a coma and can die.

Please ensure your outdoor cooking stations, including BBQs, pizza ovens, outdoor fire pits are all used outdoors only, are all in good working order and are well maintained. Take the time to test gas bottles and ensure children are always a safe distance from any outdoor heating and cooking areas.
All Fired Up are thrilled to be able to offer an additional, new, customer service option , electrical tag and testing . In an industrial commercial or office environment all electrical equipment must be tested to confirm it is safe to use. It is then tagged to ensure follow up testing is completed as required.
Various workplace legislation requires compulsory testing of all electrical equipment every 3 , 6 or 12 months, dependent on the workplace. The style of equipment that requires testing and tagging includes: computers, laptops, jugs, extension cords, fridges, power tools etc , anything that can be plugged in or can be charged .Call All Fired Up today on 0477186666 to discuss your testing and tagging requirements