Our technician Rhys came to the rescue last Friday, stopping on the M1 to assist a car on fire! Rhys’s quick thinking and fast response prevented a serious situation from escalating into a dangerous disaster! Using his All Fired Up fire extinguishers from his van,  he was able to control the fire until the fire brigade and emergency services arrived on scene! The fire officers were very thankful for Rhys’s actions and thanked him for saving the day! We are so proud of Rhys and all our team as they always go above and beyond !!

” Breaking News ” The police inspector contacted All Fired Up management to highly commend Rhys’s brave efforts and his quick response certainly prevented a disaster and ensured no one was injured,

All Fired Up Managing Director Craig Doyle commented “We are so glad Rhys is part of our team and we are very proud, well done Rhys’s!