An Annual Fire Safety Statement is lodged with Council every year; this statement can only be issued if your building meets the minimum fire safety requirements required by law at the time of construction of that building. All Essential Fire Safety Measures that are required within the building will be shown on a Fire Safety Schedule that is held by council; these measures must be included on the certificate and certified to be capable of meeting the standard to which they were installed. Some buildings built before 1988 do not require an Annual Fire Safety Statement however those buildings are still required by law to maintain fire safety measures to the same minimum standards.

An Annual Fire Safety Certificate is a certificate that is issued to the owner of the property or their agents by the company that carries out the servicing of the Essential Fire Safety measures. This certificate certifies that the essential Fire Safety Measures shown on the certificate have been serviced as per the Standard shown on the certificate (Usually AS1851). This certificate does not certify the fact that the equipment was installed in the correct manner.