Safety requirements include things like working smoke alarms in each unit and throughout common areas, fire approved self-closing safety doors and door frames with approved hardware, properly pressurized fire extinguishers, working fire hydrants and sprinkler systems and working emergency and exit lighting systems. The requirements for your building will be specific to the size, structure and nature of use of your building.

Some fire safety measures will need very little maintenance such as fire doors and sprinkler systems whereas other measures require regular maintenance such as smoke alarm batteries, emergency and exit light globes/batteries and fire extinguishers which require pressure testing or replacement every five years.

If you put your building in All Fired Up’s care we thoroughly inspect your building to ensure that it meets and, where practical, exceed the minimum legal requirements to ensure both the safety of your building and its residents from fire hazards. We aim to keep your ongoing fire safety maintenance costs as low as possible.

Sometimes our initial quote after a first inspection can be a bit daunting (usually if fire safety measures have not been adequately maintained in the past). However generally speaking once the building is brought up to standard and a good maintenance regime put into place the long term costs of keeping your fire safety measures up to date will reduce significantly. We have been able to, and aim to, issue buildings with Annual Fire Safety Statements without raising a single defect.